NYU Alumni Weekend Identity

SoCal Grantmakers 2022 Annual Conference

The design for SCG’s 2022 Annual Conference — "Narrative Power: Reframe Stories, Redefine Culture" — is made up of brand toolkit with various design materials and building blocks, allowing the client to adapt the identity across multiple settings and instances. This dynamic identity reflects the conference's mission to challenge dominant narratives and imagine new possibilities for systems change.

Mosaic art in Subway Station

For this identity, I was inspired to merge NYU's iconic purple colors with the mosaic tile motifs of NYC subway stations. This concept celebrates the university's diversity, symbolizing how graduates from varied backgrounds and ages come together to form a vibrant, unified mosaic, reflecting the collective beauty of their unique experiences and journeys.

. Iconography

The icons used as part of the brand identity.


Continuing the previous years' "I Love NYU" theme, the identity playfully nods to the iconic I ♥ NY artwork, underlining the everpresent love alumnis have for their university.

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Printed Materials

As part of the campaign, I produced a variety of items, including posters, postcards, name tags and more. These items were used to promote the event, but also as signage throughout the venue, adding a consistent theme within all materials.

The cover of the report

Wayfinding signage

Signage in front of halls

Signage on guest's tables

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Every year for NYU Alumni Weekend, the staircase at the Kimmel Center are decorated with the identity of the event.

Some pages of the report
Digital Materials

I designed digital materials including social media tiles, banners, and icons to ensure brand consistency across various platforms. These versatile assets maintain a cohesive identity, allowing seamless integration and unified visual representation across all mediums.

Linkedin post

LinkedIn Post

Instagram Post

Instagram Post

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All photos courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau