More than strangers

More than strangers

“More than Strangers” is an art workshop box-kit designed for children who sought refuge in Germany and German children. With this project, me and my teammate Fatema Nooh wanted to achieve a sense of togetherness and mutual understanding between migrants and locals by allowing them to work together via a creative outlet.

Closed workshop box

Materials in the box

The materials provided within the workshop box.

Booklet cover

Included in the kit is an instruction booklet with information about the provided items and other needed materials. There is also a guide that explains how to run the workshop. It is in German since the first prototype was meant to be used by volunteers in refugee camps in Germany.



The product of the workshop should be a poster with the face of a child on it. The illustration of the girl was divided into 25 A4-sized sections and printed out onto colorful paper. We included the printed paper in the box. Each participant can paint a couple of sheets of paper.

Template put together

Kids doing workshop

Kids doing workshop


After the paintings are put together, the stencil and spray paint are used to place a meaningful quote onto the poster. The quote reads, “Nothing is easier than to denounce the stranger; Nothing is harder than to understand him.”

Final workshop